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Guaranteed Issue Health Coverage

These health plans are guaranteed issue plans, with zero deductible! No pre-existing condition restrictions. There is no enrollment period, you can enroll monthly all year long! These health plans allow you to get the coverage you and your family needs, at an affordable rate, with again absolutely no deductible that you have to meet! If you have any questions, call 1 (888) 882-6779 Ex.104 or email

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Dental Insurance

These dental plans offer the best-in-class coverage for you and your family members. These plans have NO WAITING PERIOD! You must become a member of AFEUSA to receive these amazing products. Your membership and coverage will be in effect on the first day of the following month if you enroll by the 20th of the previous month. These dental plans use Advantage Plus as the network, which has more than 80,000 unique dentists at over 297,000 access points nationwide! Click on the link below to view these plans.

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For Guaranteed Issued Health Coverage

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