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Regina L. Faison

Regina L. Faison

Partner & Manager

As Owner, CEO, Wealth Manager, Accountability Partner, Author, and a Strategic Partner to many, Regina uses her extensive personal experience and endeavors to establish deep and valued relationships with her clients to truly learn what their needs and aspirations are.

Regina L. Faison has been in the securities industry for more than 28 years. Regina’s main focus with clients is to create strategies for their peace of mind and have financial freedom. Starting with a financial plan so they can live their lives in peace and with purpose. Regina achieves this through her companies, resources, and partnerships. Through Faison Wealth companies, Regina assists individuals, families, business owners, Ministers/Pastors, and non-profit organizations in developing long-term financial solutions by providing services for Retirement, 401K, 403B, 403B9, and 457 planning and implementing customized strategies based on each client’s unique goals, wants and needs. Regina has the expertise and resources needed to help you attain your short and long term financial and life goals to give you peace of mind. Regina feels that so many of us fail to plan, and her goal as a Wealth Coach is to help you plan properly for your retirement, future and legacy and always be prepared for the unexpected. Regina works with her clients as their “Accountability Partner” to help them understand their overall goals, plans and dreams so they can get their life in order and reach their purpose and destiny in peace and in Financial Freedom! Regina believes that everyone can be their own “hero” and get their lives on track to achieve their own destiny with purpose, peace, and vision.

Regina works alongside her clients to help keep them accountable, on track and maintain “focus”. Her partner company in her family, Faison Insurance Services, provides guaranteed issued health, dental, and life products, In addition to providing a specialized strategy to help students with solutions to paying off school debt, while planning for their future retirement as it is so important for our younger generation to accumulate wealth and stability at a young age, especially given the times we are living in today.  

Regina resides in South Orange County, CA. She is active in her community and is the President of the Derrick L. Faison Foundation, which she founded in July 2004 after losing her husband to an undetected heart condition. Alongside her sons, their mission and focus is on heart disease awareness. With the creation of their own “Heart Health Day” newsletter that they send out each month to raise awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the importance of the placement of AEDs to help save lives in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Regina gives back to the community by teaching and sponsoring life-saving skills, including CPR certification and educating underserved youth about career paths in business, the importance of education, and developing their overall growth potential through the meaning of faith.

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